Product Features
Totto-filter("totto") is a system that reproduces the purification process in nature using Long filter cylinders. It is a revolutionary filter that denitrifies water(removes nitrate)through the use of anaerobic bacteria (Japanese patent granted ,related patents pending, patents for major overseas markets granted or pending),eliminating the inconvenience of water changes, which is the main obstacle to the diffusion of the tropical fish hobby.totto,which completely differs both functionally and structurally from products using anaerobic bacteria that have been developed until now(such as types where the bacteria are placed in gravel or a filtration layer),successfully achieves nitrification and denitrification within the filter. By avoiding the channeling effect that can be seen in conventional filters, totto succeeds in dramatically improving filtering efficiency.
structure consisting of long tubular filter chambers linked together
The long tubular filter chambers containing the filter materials are linked to one another. There is no channeling effect because the water flows longitudinally in the narrow filter chambers, which dramatically increases the contact surface between the filter materials and the flowing water. The filter cylinders and all independent and the filter is configured so that each can be inserted as a cartridge that is filled with filter material, which makes it possible to freely combine several types of material to achieve the desired water quality.
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